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Below you will find some additional information on the special clues found in our video creation section, also helpful tips when creating your own treasure hunt.



Santa will make the children assistant Elves during the treasure hunt, so it’s good fun to purchase an Elf Hat from the internet for them to wear during the story. Just give them the hat when Santa appoints them as an assistant elf. Santa also gives the children certificates as they progress. These are available for you to download for free from the downloads section of our website, so you can print them out and give them to the children for them to keep their own copy.


If you choose the Chocolate Santa clue in your story it requires you to buy a chocolate Santa. You know the type you find around Christmas in all supermarkets, usually covered in colourful foil. All you then have to do is place the Chocolate Santa in a good hiding place before the treasure hunt begins. How hard you make this is up to you. Santa will then read out a clue within the animation and if the kids solve it, they will then have to find the Chocolate Santa. Remember you must also place a present near your Chocolate Santa.

For some extra fun, you could hide a clue leading to another hiding place inside the Chocolate Santa. This is easy to do and creates a special surprise for the kids. Using a very sharp craft knife carefully cut three sides of a small square out of the foil, from the base of the Santa and fold it to one side. Now carefully cut the same size hole through the chocolate. Write a clue on a small piece of paper, roll it up and place it inside Santa. Now replace the chocolate square and fold the foil back in place. When the kids find Santa, they will have to break open Santa to reveal the clue inside. Great fun and free chocolate!


Our treasure hunt consists of six clues that lead to six hiding places but you can extend it. Just write some of your own clues. When the kids solve one of the clues in our animated story and find one of their missing presents, just attach an envelope to the present with a clue of your own inside. The kids then have to solve your clue and find the hiding place of their present before going back to the animated story. Look out for our Ooooitz video blog or YouTube videos for some extra special ideas on how to create some fun clues.


It’s a good idea to write down your chosen hiding places and the order they will appear when you are creating your story, so you know where to hide your presents before the treasure hunt begins. Also, we advise you to watch the video in private when you have downloaded it. So you understand how it works and at what points Santa will ask you to pause the video.


Would you like to make Christmas extra special this year for your kids?

Ooooitz has a quick, easy and original way to make this happen.

All you do is pick 6 of your children’s presents to hide around your own home and Ooooitz will take care of the rest.

First go to the Create Movie section of our website.

In column 1 select the animated story you prefer, left click on it and watch a short preview in column 2.

At the top of column 3 select the age group that best suits your children and press submit. This will change the difficulty of the clues they will receive. You then select 6 hiding places from the options available. Scroll up or down to see the full list and click on the orange information button to find out more. All of the hiding places are places typically found in every home. Just select the ones that best suit you.

All you then have to do is left click and drag them into the empty boxes available in column 4. Go ahead and fill all 6 boxes with different hiding places. If you need to change any just select your new hiding place and drop it on top of the one you want to change. The hiding place at the top of the list will be first to appear in the story and so on.

Now comes the clever bit. We have created all the clues for you and put them into the animated story, also we have employed a special celebrity to present it……any ideas?….. of course who better than Santa himself.

Once you are happy with your 6 hiding places, press on the create movie button in column 5 and you will be taken to the next section. Here you can add passport style photos of the children taking part. Fill all 4 boxes with photos. Next below the photos left click on the “put your message here box” and type in a nice message for the children. Now click on the orange create movie box at the bottom and you will be taken to the payments section.

When you have paid for your video it will be available to download to your computer ready to watch on the special day.

You will receive an email which confirms which hiding places you have chosen and in which order they will appear. Keep this safe so when you are hiding your presents you know where to hide them and when the first clue appears you will know the solution.

On Christmas day when the children think they have received all of their presents you will know they still have a big surprise in store.

When you are ready to begin your treasure hunt, make sure you have hidden all of the presents in the hiding places you have chosen.

Then the fun begins. Santa will appear and the treasure hunt will begin.


Always remember the treasure hunt is supposed to be fun, so if the kids are getting frustrated solving a clue, it’s Ok to give them a little help.


This is a special clue. It gives you the opportunity to write your own fun clue that leads to a place in your own home. Just download the predesigned Santa letter and envelope from our downloads section. Write your own clue on the letter, seal it in the envelope and before the treasure hunt begins, secretly place it where your post normally arrives. Santa will post a letter to the kids in the animated story. Imagine the kids surprise when it actual arrives. The Santa post is the best post in the world you know they have won awards! When the kids find Santa’s letter they will then have to solve the clue you gave them and find a missing present, before going back to the animated story.


During the story Santa will appear and read out a clue that leads to the one of the hiding places you chose. He will then ask you to pause the video. This is so the kids can take their time to solve the clue shown on the screen. Once they solve it they will go and find one of their hidden presents. When they have done this, they then return to the video and press play for the story to continue.


This is another special clue. It gives you the opportunity to write your own fun clue that leads to a place in your own home. Just download the predesigned Santa scroll from our downloads section, write your own clue on the scroll, roll it up and seal it with some red sealing wax or tie some red ribbon around it. Now find a good hiding place and place it there just before the treasure hunt begins. Santa will send the scroll by magic in the animated story but because he’s a bit rusty it doesn’t appear where it should have. It’s then up to the kids to find the missing scroll. Once they do, they will then have to solve the clue you gave them and find a missing present before going back to the animated story.


Santa’s mobile is a special clue that lets you write a clue of your own. If you select this as one of your hiding places, during the animated story Santa will forward a text message to your children with the next clue and to the children’s surprise it will actually arrive. To achieve this all you have to do is write a clue of your own, that leads to a fun hiding place in your own home. Then secretly send this as a text message just as Santa sends his message in the animation. You can send your text to your home phone or another mobile in your house it is up to you but we suggest that you do a trial run in secret before your treasure hunt begins. If you send it to your home phone, when you send the text, the phone should ring and a voice will read the message out. If you send it to another mobile in your house it’s a good idea to change the contacts on that mobile temporally, so your mobile number appears as Santa’s mobile in their contacts.


It is very important to keep your treasure hunt top secret at all times, so it’s a fantastic surprise for the kids on their special day.  It is also great fun to keep it secret from your partner as well, so you can hide some of their presents with the kid’s. Who doesn’t enjoy a treasure hunt, especially with some real treasure at the end. With a treasure hunt you can extend the excitement of Christmas by holding back some of the kid’s presents until later in the day and maybe save their best present for last.